Thursday, December 22, 2016

Army On Parade

So this is a 3000pt Dwarf Army :)

20 Warriors with full command

20 Warriors with full command (Models by Avatars of War)

20 Miners with full command

10 Gunners with full command (gonna bump up to 16)

10 Veterans, or can be used as Rangers

A gathering of Slayers (Models by Avatars of War)

Center of the army: Hammerers with full command, Lord with shield bearers, a Thane with Battle Standard, and a Runepriest / Runelord. This is my HORDE!

The entire army put together, including two cannons and their Master Engineers

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Other Distractions!

Other distractions!

Heavy Gear

Forbidden Stars

Lord with Shield Bearers

Now for the Lord with Shieldbearers. I had to create a stable base for them 20mmx40mm. I did this by joining two bases by pinning, then filling in the gaps with 'greenstuff'.

Then had to position the shield bearers just right so that they fit in with the Hammerers.

Then paint!

Dwarfs from Avatars Of War

Next up is a unit of 20 warriors. The models are from Avatars of War. The models needed assembly and I found that they have to be pinned. And superglue works best for this type of plastic.

I left a peg in their legs to make it easier to attach and position when attaching to the bases.

Assembled and ready for painting.

Base Coat white.

Dragon Red paint from Armypainter

Starting Again!!!

After a long haitus, continuing on my beloved Dwarf Army. First is the completion of my Hammerers, which will form the center of the army. They will be joined by the Battle Standard Bearer, a Lord with Shield Bearers, and a Runepriest.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dwarf Hammerers

Base coat white then plate mail for the armour. Center model for reference.

Dwarf flesh then purple for the hammer shafts.

Red trimmings for the armour. Leather Brown for the gloves.

Black Yellow and Brown for the beards.

Silver for the Hammer heads.

Bases flocked.

After using Armypainter Dark Tone dip, the batch should look like the reference model at the front.
That would bring my Hammers up to 26. Another batch of 10 will bring the force up to 36.
Throw in a Lord (2 base model), Army Battle Standard and Rune Lord, and I will have a force of 40. Bring it on!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Dwarf Slayers

Dwarf slayers from Warthrone. Did a first batch of 10. Hate the assembly part but they are very nice models.
Used the base coat n dip method.
The dip used is Armypainter dark tone.